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Summary on Globalization Free Essays

Globalization portrays a progressing procedure by which local economies, social orders, and societies have gotten incorporated through a system of correspondence and execution. Globalization is frequently term or alludes to financial globalization I. e. We will compose a custom exposition test on Rundown on Globalization or then again any comparable point just for you Request Now the incorporation of national economies into the global economy through exchange, outside direct speculation, capital streams, relocation, and the spread of innovation. The main thrusts of globalization are a blend of Economic, Technological, Socio-social and Political variables. Researchers show the expanding monetary combination and relationship of national economies over the world through a fast increment in cross-outskirt development of products, administration, innovation, and capital. It very well may be said that globalization is the entryway to worldwide assets that opens up to the universal market. Monetary and money related globalization and the development of world exchange have carried considerable advantages to nations around the globe. Be that as it may, the current budgetary emergency has required globalization to be postponed, with capital streams turning around and worldwide exchange contracting. There are incalculable markers that outline how merchandise, capital, and individuals, have gotten more globalized. †¢The estimation of exchange (merchandise and ventures) as a level of world GDP expanded from 42. 1 percent in 1980 to 62. 1 percent in 2007. †¢Foreign direct speculation expanded from 6. 5 percent of world GDP in 1980 to 31. 8 percent in 2006. †¢The supply of universal cases (fundamentally bank credits), as a level of world GDP, expanded from around 10 percent in 1980 to 48 percent in 2006. The quantity of minutes spent on cross-fringe calls, on a for every capita premise, expanded from 7. 3 of every 1991 to 28. 8 of every 2006. †¢The number of remote specialists has expanded from 78 million individuals (2. 4 percent of the total populace) in 1965 to 191 million individuals (3. 0 percent of the total populace) in 2005. There is a long discussion about the impacts of globalization, as the most widely recognized marvel that we heard is the underwritin g the assets of creating nations by created nations, cerebrum depletes as circumstances in more extravagant nations droves ability away. In numerous more unfortunate countries globalization is really the consequence of the remote organizations putting resources into the nation to exploit the lower wage rate, outside assets and etching more markets. The counter globalization development created contrary to the apparent negative parts of globalization. The gathering speaks to a wide scope of interests and issues. Adversaries of globalization call attention to its negative impacts. Some of them are recorded beneath. †¢Globalization has prompted misuse of work. Detainees and youngster laborers are utilized to work in uncaring conditions. Security guidelines are overlooked to create modest products. †¢Job uncertainty. Prior individuals had steady, lasting employments. Presently individuals live in steady fear of losing their business to rivalry. †¢Terrorists approach modern weapons upgrading their capacity to incur harm. †¢Companies have set up enterprises causing contamination in nations with poor guideline of contamination. †¢Fast natural ways of life like McDonalds and KFC are spreading in the creating scene. Individuals are devouring more low quality nourishment from these joints which adversy affects their wellbeing. †¢Local ventures are being taken over by outside multinationals. †¢The increment in costs has decreased the government’s capacity to support social government assistance conspires in created nations. †¢Multinational Companies and partnerships which were recently confined to business exercises are progressively affecting political choices. Ensure that the increases from globalization are all the more extensively shared over the populace. For this reason changes to fortify instruction and preparing would help guarantee that laborers have the proper abilities for the advancing worldwide economy. Arrangements that expand the entrance of account to the poor would likewise help, as would additionally exchange advancement that supports agrarian fares from creating nations. Extra projects may incorporate giving satisfactory pay backing to direct, yet not hinder, the procedure of progress, and furthermore making medicinal services less reliant on proceeded with work and expanding the conveyability of annuity benefits in certain nations. The most effective method to refer to Summary on Globalization, Papers

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Musicians The 27 Club Professor Ramos Blog

Artists The 27 Club Musicians’ The 27 Club At the point when individuals here ‘27 Club it is uncommon for somebody to try and think about it. The 27 Club was made in the 1970’s. It was made after 4 extremely well known artists shockingly passed on between the long stretches of 1969-1971. Significantly after those passing it didn’t bring a lot of consideration. The possibility of the 27 Club didn’t get everyone’s consideration until 1994 when Kurt Cobain passed on. At the point when the formation of this club started it began with accepting that these craftsmen made a Satanic settlement. Others obviously accepted they were simply suicides. At the point when you put more idea into it you can generally concur that drugs and awful pasts have such a great amount to do with them. The notoriety may have given them everything they could have envisioned about, however it likewise gave them more to worry about like how individuals saw them and attempting to accomplish beyond what they could deal with t o keep the consideration of their fans. It isn’t all silly buffoonery in any event, when you have the notoriety.  There are such huge numbers of individuals with regards to the 27 Club, however when somebody specifies the club 6 individuals spring up into the discussion. The individuals include: Brian Jones, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain, and Amy Winehouse. The principal part to be placed into the 27 Club was Brian Jones. He was conceived on February 28,1942. At the point when Jones was 3 years of age his multi year old sister kicked the bucket of Leukemia. From that point forward his life was constantly rotated around her demise. He is most popular as the individual from the Rolling Stones band. They made the band in 1962. As the band started playing various gigs and making music Jones started getting a handle on left which at that point prompted use medications and drink exorbitantly. Jones started kicking fierce and off having emotional episodes in any event, when in front of an audience. Eventually Jones got awful that he even got captured. That’s prompted the remainder of the individuals to settle on the significant choice of requesting that he leave the band. So in 1969 Jones was authoritatively approached to leave the band. Obviously this prompted Jones getting discouraged and he didn’t discover anything he sufficie ntly minded to live any longer. On July 3, 1969 Jones overdosed and was found at the base of his pool. Jimi Hendrix was likewise one of the principal individuals to join the club. Jimi was conceived from an adolescent mother on November 27,1942. He didn’t have a decent adolescence. His mother was a medication someone who is addicted and his dad was a consumer. When Jimi’s father saw that he was left given he never let him overlook that he was a devil’s kid. His folks never appeared to get along, he grew up observing them contending. He wound up being bobbed around to his family members with his two more youthful siblings. His mother wound up kicking the bucket when Jimi was 15 years of age. Jimi instructed himself to play the guitar. He began medications and liquor youthful to manage of his dad and obviously his mother’s passing. That didn’t prevent him from accomplishing to follow his fantasy. He got so much distinction in light of his guitar aptitudes. He was in the long run known to be the Ultimate Guitarist. All the popularity brought mental self portrait issues and Jimi began to once again work himself attempting to make more music and give his fan more than he had the option to. This obviously had Jimi utilizing more medications to either keep awake or manage the pressure. He kept on suffocating himself in liquor and medications until he overdosed on September 18,1970. Janis Joplin was conceived on January 19.1943. She really rolled out a major improvement in the music business for ladies. She was known as the First Lady of  Rock’N’Roll. When Janis was more youthful she was entirely known as the oddball. Not at all like the various children at school she didn’t think dark individuals were any extraordinary. When in school Janis was tormented in light of the fact that she had terrible skin break out. In spite of the fact that she attempted to overlook the domineering jerks it didn’t influence her intellectually. She was casted a ballot the Ugliest Boy in school. At the point when she went to High School Janis started utilizing medications to manage the harassers. Janis definitely realized she needed to be popular. She wanted to sing and she went out to look for her chance. She skiped to and fro from her home to different states attempting to discover her chance, yet flopped without fail. Rock wasn’t known from ha ving ladies in the music business, with the goal that made it hard for Janis. She was at that point an overwhelming consumer, however the constant bombed endeavors to accomplish popularity prompted her taking medications. She at last made her success however when she performed she was apprehensive so she drank and took sedates before strolling up in front of an audience. Janis was at that point tormented for what she looked like in school so distinction exacerbated it when it came to thinking about her mental self portrait. She overdosed on heroin on October 4, 1970. Jim Morrison was known to be an insightful, yet lethargic child when it came to class. He was more on December 8,1943. His was in the Navy was very exacting. When Jim was around 5 years of age he was in the vehicle with his family when they passed by a loathsome slammed truck. They drove by dead bodies out and about and a portion of the bodies were really destroyed in pieces. Jim always remembered that picture and really composed the tune PeaceFrog. Growing up Jim’s father was an exacting man with numerous principles. Jim was all the more a free soul and started defying his dad. He started to drink to manage his dad. At the point when he chose to go the film school his family was incredibly unsupportive. He started doing music and it turned out to be more worry for Jim. He started to utilize medications and more liquor to manage his own life as well as his open life. He joined The Doors Band. When Jim was in front of an audience he started to have vicious upheavals. Jim realiz ed he was deteriorating, so he took a break from the band so he could attempt to get himself together. When taking that break it brought more sadness for Jim. He didn’t stop the medications and he began drinking throughout the day. On July 3, 1971 Jim was discovered dead, overdosed on heroin in his bath. Kurt Cobain is best know as the part on The Nirvana Band which was made in 1988. Kurt was conceived on February 20,1967. Kurt’s guardians got separated and he got isolated from his more youthful sister. This was an enormous change for a little kid particularly when not knowing when you will see you sister. This caused Kurt to feel forlorn and his parent’s remarried rather quickly.He started having mental self portrait issues at a youthful age. When Kurt was a youngster he found a dead body dangling from a tree. He discovered medications when he moved in with his mother. In 1992 Kurt wedded Kourtney. They before long had a little girl. Kourtney was a substantial medication client which make Kurt keep utilizing drugs. His cousin started seeing the measure of medications Kurt was utilizing and cautioned him that dependence and psychological sicknesses. Kurt didn’t focus on his cousin’s notice. In 1993, Kurt deliberately overdosed on drugs yet he was discovere d soon enough to spare him. He didn’t need to live any longer and having the popularity thus much consideration made him need to leave this world sooner. He composed a self destruction note upon the arrival of his demise and he expressed, â€Å"it’s preferred to wear out over blur away.† In his note he likewise left a couple of words for his girl who he cherished, however he just wasn’t sufficiently able to remain on earth any longer. On April 5,1994 Kurt put a firearm to his mouth and in a split second finished his torment. We at that point have Amy Winehouse who was really one of the later lost life. Amy Winehouse was conceived on September 14,1983. Amy was daddy’s young lady from the day she was conceived yet when she was 9 years of age her dad left to live with his new sweetheart. This left Amy’s mother battling as a single parent who Amy abhorred. Amy appeared to have hatred towards her mom since her dad left. When Amy was in school she really started taking antidepressants and she would self-damage to catch eye. When Amy was in her 20’s she was an incredibly substantial consumer. Amy got ready for marriage and wedded  Blake Fielder-Civil in 2007. Blake he utilized heroin and different medications; in the long run he got Amy utilizing them too . Blake before long turned into her provider for the medications. Blake and Amy in the end got separated following 2 years on the grounds that the medications began turning into the one thing demolishing their marriage. Amy proceeded obv iously after the separation which is the point at which she was sent to the emergency clinic over overdrinking. Her primary care physician cautioned her that she would confront passing on the off chance that she didn’t look for help. That cautioning didn’t truly stay with Amy, she despite everything kept on utilizing drugs attempting to manage the notoriety, confidence and sadness. She once revealed to her companion Alex Hainsand she felt that she was going to join the 27 Club. Amy began having seizures brought about by the measure of medications she was utilizing. Amy quit focusing on her music profession and all she thought about was the medications and liquor. Everybody around her started to saw how depleted she was by all accounts. Amy kicked the bucket on August 7, 2011 from overdose when she blended courageous woman, cocaine, joy, ketamine, whisky, and vodka. These artists are still associated with having stunning abilities. They had troublesome circumstances to manage since early on and accept that perhaps a little popularity can fix everything. Their past frequented them even with all the consideration that they got. The music business didn’t help them either giving them the measure of pressure and work a solitary human can’t handle. Such a lot of driving  to the utilization of medications. Trusting that perhaps only for a brief timeframe they won’t feel depleted, focused or the torment from an earlier time. We lost these skilled individuals way too early on the grounds that they couldn’t see the importance of living any longer. Individuals are as yet attempting to make sense of why it is that they kicked the bucket at 27. The rundown for the 27 Club keeps on developing still no accurate response to why these specialists surrender their life at that age. Fans lost their cherished artists and not for second did these craftsman permit their fans to see the torment they held inside until their last day. Work Cited â€Å"Amy Said She Always Knew

Enrone Leadership failure free essay sample

Enron stands apart as probably the greatest disappointment in business history. In 2001, Americans were shocked to learn of the dishonest practices completed by pioneers and different representatives of Enron. Enron utilized different techniques for trickiness to show up more beneficial than it truly was, including through making off-the-book elements to which Enron moved its generous obligation. (Jennings, 2005). Enron implosion took the world capital markets and Shake the speculator trust in bookkeeping and budgetary revealing. It even caused the world’s eminent worldwide bookkeeping firm Arthur Andersen to fall. The most significant guard couldn't foresee Enron’s breakdown before it happened. It was then found that Enron senior administration had utilized complex imaginative bookkeeping strategies to control the company’s monetary figures and henceforth support up the money related execution. (Cruver, July 2002) This exposition investigates the inside culture and authority practices of its top administration. It remembers a specific accentuation for charming initiative, in individuals like Kenneth Lay and Jeffrey Skilling. The convincing vision of these pioneers, communicated in an enrollment framework intended to initiate a procedure of change and the advancement of culture by congruity and punishing of contradiction. Presentation Enron failed and vanished thirteen years prior, the effects it has made on the moral principles never blurred. It took Enron 16 years to go from around ten billion dollar advantages for more than sixty-five billion dollar resources, and took twenty-four days to fail. Enron, which once positioned as the seventh-biggest organization on the Fortune 500 and positioned as the 6th biggest vitality organization on the planet, on December 2, 2001, sought financial protection insurance in the greatest instance of chapter 11 in the United States up to that point. By November 2001, the company’s stock, which once crested at $90, was down to under $1. It was a debacle for the a great many workers and speculators. Workers lost their positions and benefits, and financial specialists lost billions of dollars. Enron’s morals code depended on regard, respectability, correspondence, and greatness. Regard. We treat others, as we might want to be dealt with ourselves. We don't endure damaging or insolent treatment. Heartlessness, hardness and pomposity don't have a place here. (executive, 2000) Integrity. We work with clients and prospects straightforwardly, genuinely and truly. At the point when we state we will accomplish something, we will do it; when we state we can't or won't accomplish something, at that point we won’t do it. We have a commitment to convey. Here we set aside the effort to chat with each other and to tune in. We accept that data is intended to move and that data moves individuals. (executive, 2000) Excellence. We are happy with nothing not exactly the absolute best in all that we do. We will keep on increasing current standards for everybody. The incredible fun here will be for us all to find exactly how great we can truly be (executive, 2000) According to this set of principles and Ken Lay’s pronounced duty to business morals, how could Enron have fell so significantly, going from detailed incomes of $101 billion out of 2000 and around $140 billion during the initial seventy five percent of 2001 to going into chapter 11 in December 2001? The response to this inquiry is by all accounts established in a mix of the disappointment of top administration, a corporate culture that bolstered deceptive conduct, and the complicity of the speculation banking network. (administrator, 2000) The Enron History Enron found in 1985 as a pipeline organization, there power provider to utilities. Enron business start through the merger of Houston Natural Gas. In the next years, Enron improve rapidly and got one of the effective vitality broker on the planet. Enron distinguished as a one of the world’s driving power, gaseous petrol, and interchanges association. (The Crooked E: The Unshredded Truth About Enron, January 5, 2003) In the next years, with the expansion of rivalry, Enron chose to utilize broadening and universal speculation to keep its market position. As a matter of fact, these exercises presented to Enron a surprising huge measure of misfortunes as opposed to benefits. In 1999, after an invasion into fiber optics and the broadband market, which was an off-base choice once more, Enron endured such a large number of significant misfortunes and started draining rapidly. Be that as it may, Enron had never pronounced any data about its misfortunes until October 2001. Other than controlled the fiscal reports, Enron never referenced the dangers, which it ought to reveal to its financial specialists. Actually, the administrators of Enron unveiled an incredible profit estimate through the media and urged speculators to buy Enron’s stocks. They likewise proposed their representatives put their annuities in Enron’s stock or investment opportunities. Arthur Andersen, the review organization for Enron, helped Enron conceal these fakes for a long time. Each time when examiners or Enron’s workers communicated their questions about Enron’s budgetary condition, Enron would attempt to keep them calm and terminated them later. In the interim, top official stole. The officials additionally drove up the stock cost and put a lot of cash into their own pockets through exchanging stocks. (Mclean, 2004) Because of those cheats, from 1998 to 2001, the stock cost topped at $90 US. â€Å"By December 2000, Enron’s shares were selling for $85 every, its representatives had their 401(k)s vigorously put resources into Enron Stock, and the organization [had] a coordinating system wherein it contribute also portions of stock to reserve funds and retirement plans when workers decided to support them with Enron stock† Therefore, the two financial specialists and workers experienced intensely this calamity when Enron fallen. Issues started emitting in 2001. Jeffrey Skilling, the CEO, left in August of 2001. At that point in October 2001, Enron detailed lost million $. Following that, Chief monetary official Andrew Fastow was supplanted, and the Securities and Exchange Commission started exploring the Enron. After around one month, in late November, the SEC found under the table substances and exaggerated incomes, and afterward the company’s stock was down to under $1 US. At last, on December 2, 2001, Enron petitioned for financial protection insurance. Financial specialists lost billions of dollars. (The Crooked E: The Unshredded Truth About Enron, January 5, 2003) The Enron 1985 | To be the primary gaseous petrol organization in North America 1990 | To be the main flammable gas organization on the planet 1995 | To be best performing vitality organization on the planet 2001 | To be the best performing organization on the planet 2002 | To recuperate from insolvency The Enron Culture Enron’s corporate culture created inside its office during the potent days of its prosperity and has uncovered numerous indications of how things could turn out badly. When all is said in done, the top administration created pomposity because of its prosperity, the tone was set at the top and it permeated to the lower level lastly turned into a culture of the organization. Enron’s top administration, Kenneth Lay and it partners gave its officials opportunity to seek after the corporate objective and left them to be and was possibly addressed when objectives were not met. (William, 2002) â€Å"These controls were not thorough enough, usage and oversight was lacking at Management and Board levels, as nobody assumed liability for oversight; controls were not execute appropriately and auxiliary deformities got clear after some time. Nobody in Management tended to issues as it emerged or carried it to the Board’s attention† Skilling established the presentation audit advisory group which known as the harshest worker positioning framework as partners needed to â€Å"do deals† and present income on be positioned high. Mystery became request of the day for a large number of the company’s exchanging just as disclosures†. (Thomas, 2002) Who to fault for Unethical Leadership Enron top administrators lay and Skilling are chiefly to fault for the Enron breakdown. As excessive pioneers, Lay and Skilling were doubtlessly ready to lead a powerful and productive Enron, however they needed poise and thus followed a way down an elusive and disgusting incline to fiasco. They encouraged a serious situation that squashed any little imagination representatives had and had them continually stressed over the perpetual quality of their activity. Not exclusively were Enron’s top administrators inordinate, they were likewise downright harmful. Lay glaringly deceived workers, sending messages of bogus expectation. He likewise conned his representatives into keeping all stocks they held in the organization at the same time he sold a great many dollars’ worth of his stock. As workers of Enron, many were getting by. Many shut themselves off from the articulate defilement they saw. Standing up would most likely cost them their employments and potentially their childs school finance. (Cruver, July 2002) Looking back, many would need to state they would have been the informants, they would have stood up, however by and by, I don't figure I would have. Perhaps in the event that I didn't have a family or anything to live for I would, yet I do. It might be narrow minded, however I accept that an excess of was in question. I additionally find that the inspecting firm Arthur Anderson played a key and critical job in this breakdown. Requesting all Enron related archives to wipe after the embarrassment outlines. Shortcoming of Arthur Andersen’s There is no single response for who is answerable for Enron defeat. There are a wide range of individuals and gatherings at vault every single fluctuating degree. Executive and Jeffery Skilling are definitely to blame, however I don't figure you can censure a man for acting in his own eventual benefits and for doing what he â€Å"thought† would ensure a the association. Be that as it may, you can accuse an association whose sole occupation is to review the books, for botching the examining of the books. Hence, I put Art

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Writing solid pay per click ads

Composing SOLID PAY PER CLICK ADS Like composing convincing site duplicate, there is a workmanship to composing pay per click (PPC) advertisements. What are PPC advertisements? They’re the connections marked as â€Å"sponsored† that spring up close to the highest point of your web index results. Fundamentally, people and organizations have paid cash to be recorded at the highest point of those query items. Not to be mistaken for straight website streamlining, how noticeably the promotions are highlighted is a mix of how much the individual has paid and the active visitor clicking percentage. You’ve bought your preferred advertisement through the web index. Presently what do you do? How would you get individuals to navigate? The advertisements are little †only a couple of lines †yet you have a ton of opportunity in what you can place in them. Above all else, as with any promoting try, you have to think like your clients. When they’re scanning for the administration you offer, what are they composing in? You can take a gander at your web search log to give you a decent sign of what they’re scanning for, yet recall: Those are the individuals that are finding your website. Shouldn't something be said about the individuals that aren’t? What would you be able to remember for the restricted space you need to catch their inquiries, as well? After you’ve figured out what your crowd is looking for, sprinkle those watchwords in generously. Ensure your PPC feature is a consideration grabber. This ought to abandon saying, yet the feature is the thing that will no doubt catch the reader’s eye. So you’ve caught their eye, and their finger is floating over their mouse, attempting to make sense of on the off chance that they need to tap on your connection or not. Ensure that your feature and your duplicate doubtlessly states something considerable to speak to your intended interest group. Individuals may tap on a feature in light of the fact that it’s captivating, yet what great does it do on the off chance that they take a gander at your site, verify that it’s not for them, and close the page out? Primary concern: The nature of snap throughs is significant, as well. Great duplicate in this example doesn't rise to long, persuasive sentences. Know about how much space you have. Don’t imperil your active visitor clicking percentage by eating up what space you have with superfluous words. Be compact and mention to you crowd what they truly need to know: What will you accomplish for them? Which carries me to my next point: Make sure that what you’re saying you’ll accomplish for them is really what you’ll accomplish for them. On the off chance that you state you offer a help at a more moderate rate than your rivals, ensure that’s reality. On the off chance that it’s not individuals will escape before long, and will be too disappointed that you distorted yourself to ever returned to you. One more thing: If you’re publicizing one specific assistance or result of yours, direct the connection traffic to that item or service’s page. Don’t direct them to your landing page and let your potential clients struggle around attempting to discover it. In all honesty, those additional snaps have any kind of effect.

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Angry Nerds

Angry Nerds On Friday, Id had it. I was coming off of one of those weeks that will just run you absolutely ragged, and at around noon, I snapped. I ran into Killian Court and flipped the bird. I gave everyone the finger as crowds amassed on the sidelines to see what the commotion was about. But instead of a police presence, and maybe a trip to MIT Mental Health, I was greeted with cheers and pom poms and a strange ghostly feeling rising in my mind that Ive forgotten how to put in words. Fu.Fun? Ah yes, thats itâ€"â€"fun! As you can probably surmise from Matts entry, theres a class called 2.009 that is one of the Mechanical Engineering Capstone courses, and it has to be the best class at MIT by a long shot. You might have also seen this picture on Matts entry: Wait a minute..whats that? Can we enhance the image? Hmm the back of that head looks familiar* Enhance it further: Oh my gosh! Thats me! And the aforementioned finger! Yes,  The truth is, I know so much about 2.009 because Im in it. And as the Systems Integrator for my team section (Pink A) , more often than not I am in it deep. The class runs at a breakneck pace sketching, brainstorming, analyzing, fabricating, testing, and iterating every week for at least a few hours. There are intermittent milestones to help select the most promising product ideas, and it all culminates in the product showcase at the end of term in front of hundreds of industry experts. It makes for some intensely long days in the shop and some high stress negotiations during meetings, but I really feel like Im in my element in it. This week was one such high stress week where we were fabricating prototypes for a presentation every day for several hours. I was in the shop on Thursday from 0900 until 1700 when everything had to be finalized, and then went directly from there to the presentation room until all the presentations were over at 2100. Long day. But the reward for such a long arduous day was the Angry Birds competition you saw. A chance to blow off some steam with your team and have a few laughs: iframe width=560 height=315 src= frameborder=0 allowfullscreen/iframe There were two categories of winners: those who won the competition, and those who had the most spirit throughout. Unfortunately, the former is largely determined by your machine. In particular ours had little variance in its shots, which made for impressive precision (5 birds were perfectly piled up on top of each other) but disappointing accuracy (the pile was about a foot in front of the tower). Eventually, we all but gave up on winning the competition part and focused on the team spirit part. We cheered, built human pyramids, and I waved the giant pink finger in the air with the chant Think Pink. When the awards ceremony came up, the green team won a giant foam trophy for finishing first. But no one stood a chance against Pinks spirited battle cries, and we proudly won for most spirited. And what did we get as a prize? Angry Birds beanies. (Thats me in the red that the finger is pointing to). Which is waaay better than a trophy. It was a great way to head off into the weekend before we hit the ground running next week on our next milestone, which will be a technical review of our concept. Whats our concept? Well, Ill just have to let you see after our technical review ;) This is one of those times that I really love this place, and it makes all the frustrating and endless nights worth it. *no it doesnt. How often do you see the back of your own head? Post Tagged #2.009

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Consumer Centered Care Research Assignment Paper - 1375 Words

Consumer Centered Care Research Assignment Paper (Essay Sample) Content: Consumer centered careStudents nameInstitutional affiliationConsumer-centered care, also known as patient-centered care is a multi-dimensional process. It involves respecting the beliefs, values, and preferences of the patient. Customize care given to an individual and ensuring it is culturally competent. The caregiver has to understand that the preferences can change at a given moment. It involves integration and coordination of care, ensuring there is continuity from a setting to another and exchange/passing on accurate information in a timely manner. It involves educating and effectively communicating with the patient, providing understandable and accurate information on the patients prognosis, diagnosis, and the treatment option available. This is communicated to the patient in accordance with their preference.It focusses on making sure that the physical comfort of the patient is attained through the management of the symptoms of the illness the patient suffers fr om. This ensures that the patient is free from pain and sufferings. Through this the patient gets emotional support, the intensity of fear and anxiety is lessened by being able to attend to their uncertainties, disability, loneliness and the negative financial effect caused by their illnesses. Family and friends are accommodated in patient-centered care such that they are involved in Caregiving, decision making, recognizing their patients' needs, their potential contribution and welcoming them to the environment of care. In this essay, it will be examined patient-centered care towards patients having Anorexia Nervosa (Tay, Ang, Hegney, 2017). This is one of the serious mental illness with very high/marked morbidity and mortality. It is an eating disorder. It is a psychological disorder. In the list of most common chronic diseases in young people, it's number three. It is a psychiatric illness that most of the times/primarily strikes female patients. The peak onset of this mental il lness is between 15-19 years.Anorexia Nervosa is associated with self-starvation and food restrictions. It is diagnosed using the DSM-V whereby the patient exhibits a refusal to maintain their body weight above or at the minimum normal requirement for their age and height (Lock Grande, 2015). Two they have an intense fear when it comes to gaining weight. Lastly, they have distorted body images. One is at risk of anorexia when they are worried and pay so much attention to their shape and weight. When they have anxiety disorders, negative self- concept/ images, and certain cultural ideologies on what health or beauty is. Families should not be blamed, as they have proven to be best care providers when it comes to eating disorders.Treatment modalities for this patient include cognitive behavioural therapy as this is a psychological illness. In cognitive behavioural therapy, it involves individual, group and family therapy. The goals of these therapies are to change the behavior and th oughts of the patient so as to encourage them to eat more healthy way. They also have support groups where they meet people undergoing same problem or people who had such problems. In all the above the patient gets educated what is going on in their bodies, the dangers they are in and how they can reverse this. This education is important as it enables the patient to adopt healthy living. With this, they get healed. For families and friends, they are able to understand what their loved one is going through and how they can help. Through this education, the fear and anxiety felt by the patient and the family are alienated.Patient education is vital in healthcare provision as it has a meaningful impact on their health and their life quality. Education is a process that is sequential, systematic, has a planned course of action. For effective education to be there has to be effective, communication, and barriers have to be addressed. Effective communication one of the most important asp ects when it comes to patient care (Jones Barlett, 2016). It has a very high contribution to patients' view/perception of healthcare quality and the outcomes of treatment. When there is effective communication, there is high-quality nursing care which in turns leads to the patient's health and satisfaction (Cossette, Cara, Ricard, Pepin, 2013). Not only does effective communication give the patient satisfaction. It has a bunch of benefits: it alienates anxiety, guilt, pain and disease symptoms, it increases patients acceptance, compliance, and cooperation with the health care provider which in turn results in health (Aghabarari, Varvani, 2013). Lack of effective communication is a leading barrier to effective communication. There is no therapeutic relationship formed. The health care provider cannot communicate what exactly is required from the patient and the patient too cannot express what he or she needs. Ineffective communication causes anxiety, pain, guilty, non-cooperative , lack of satisfaction which translates to unhealthy to the patients.The other barriers can be the attitude of both the patient and the healthcare provider. Patients with anorexia have low self-esteem, low self-worth, and hopelessness. They do not see the importance of tomorrow. They are resistant to change. This is a huge barrier to education. They need counselling so as to restore self-respect/worth/love so as to focus on improving their health. Negative attitudes from the health care provider can cause more damage to the patient. Most of the time they lack the understanding that eating disorders are not acquired by a choice, they are biologically influenced illnesses (Bulik, Sullivan, Patrick, 2014). Other causes include misconceptions that slim is equivalent to healthy and guilt to the family and friends.For an effective patient education, the following has to available; an open communication and the barriers to education have to be addressed (Helliwell Ibrahim, 2015). For eff ective education, the nurse must know the demographic background of the patient that is; the ethnicity, formal education background, and ability to read. With this knowledge, the nurse will be able to plan the teaching schedule/strategy that is most suitable. The nurse should be able to initiate a therapeutic relationship. In this relationship, the nurse should demonstrate effective communication skills. Should be able to have an understanding of the patient. Use a language that the patient understands. Use words that the patient can easily comprehend.The nurse should be empathetic. For one to effectively pass a message to the patient, he or she needs to understand what exactly is being experienced by the patient. The nurse should avoid judging the patients or the family. The nurses attitude towards the patient education has a big impact. They should demonstrate a positive attitude.The nurse should be understanding and discerning. Should be able to know and fulfil the patient's desi res so as to achieve satisfaction. Should be able to know the patient's fears, attitude, motivations, and misconceptions.The essay is all about customer-centered care/ patient-centered care. It involves treating a patient as a whole. In accordance with his/her beliefs, religion and preference so as to attain patient satisfaction. From it, it is clear that patient-centered care has a positive effect when it comes to health outcomes (Judith Cook, 2013). Due to diversity in culture and the person's preference, it means that the nurse has to customize this care so as to suit the client. Customer-centered care involves a lot of education. Education on the diagnosis of the patient, the trea...

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The danger of traditions Free Essay Example, 1000 words

The man they have chosen for the lottery is pathetic and the story also talks about children collecting stones in the beginning. These preparations seem quaint. These details and preparations show how Jackson depicted the lottery seems so real and awaited. Most readers might believe that traditions and rituals take place in order to unite the town people and families and create links to tie the future generations with the past. Jackson’s story brings a new aspect to the celebration of traditions. There are many traditions in the world that are being followed and trusted blindly but these story shows how this unawareness can actually end up being dangerous for people. The story shows that even though the villagers do not know the origin of this tradition nor do they know any other detail, but still they follow it blindly. They are trying to preserve a tradition which is violent and dangerous. Even if the villagers think of changing or ending the lottery tradition, the old man in village, Warner, does not let them and tells them that they might return to the primitive times if they finished the lottery tradition. We will write a custom essay sample on The danger of traditions or any topic specifically for you Only $17.96 $11.86/pageorder now The villagers have thus built a blind trust and faith in this and carry it out every year with every member of the village involved. They have allowed this violent murder to be a part of their ritual. There is no one forcing them to carry out the lottery but they are so blind that they have become powerless towards any change, even the shabby black box as it says â€Å"The original paraphernalia for the lottery had been lost long ago, and the black box now resting on the stool had been put into use even before Old Man Warner, the oldest man in town, was born† (Kennedy & Dana 262). The villagers are so blind in their tradition that they easily murder someone by stoning them and return back to their ordinary lives. They do not even know the reason why they are doing this instead of that it’s a tradition and has to be fulfilled no matter what. No one stops them and asks them that why they are committing this murder, what is the logic, sup erstition or motive behind it. For them, the justification lies wholly in the fact that this is a tradition that has been going on since generations. The ways the villagers blindly follow it make it seem like an historical event rather than that of unbelievable cruelty. Running of the bulls is a famous tradition which takes place in Pamplona, Spain every year. Bull fighting is popular in many other cities around the world, but the running of the bulls takes place in Spain only.